Centralna Postaja

CP PROGRAMSKIThe idea of Centralna Postaja (Central Station) is to establish a long-term, enhanced and extended contact with the city and its inhabitants that comes from the environment of the Institute uho; oko:

Centralna Postaja is supporting the city festival events and more importantly builds on the range of these artistic fields in the city itself. It joins under one roof the artists and institutions from both the local community as well as guests from abroad. Centralna Postaja follows the idea of the need for sustainable development and cooperation in the town all year round, 24 hours a day by using the windows areas to address passers-by.

Centralna Postaja is conceived as an active space with a permanent set of events, so festivals as also newly created (co) production content (educational activities, lectures,  workshops from the field of contemporary inter-media and audio-visual arts). It represents a range of integration and cooperation with the IT industry, mobile-communications business, industry, local and foreign artists, academic and scientific world, as a means of spreading the knowledge of the trends of modern digital culture and art and promoting innovative teaching approaches in this area.

Centralna Postaja integrates under one roof audio-visual and inter-media productions, educational workshops, but wants to continue to fulfil this vision in the long run by creating relevant, comparable European production centre of modern audiovisual content for independent artists in the field of culture and art, and the art of research and innovation.