Beli šum 1White noise is a new concert series of modern audio-visual production that are in their content related. It builds upon the cycle of electro-acoustics performances and lectures from the 2008/10 and set AV live performances, which were carried out from the year 2010 / 12.

With selection of featured authors, we set the focus of musical direction within a fairly broad influences ranging from pop music, interactive installations, electro-acoustic music, live electronics, improvisation, noise (noise derivatives), chamber music, “field recordings.” The connecting thread is music and technology (audio production, computer music, electro-acoustics).

Our selection is based on field research and development of computer music in all its forms, derivatives, synthesis, combining, interweaving. The music series mainly supports and affirms the modern Slovenian audio-visual production, with a focus on local artists from the younger generation, as well as for more established authors middle generation in Slovenia and abroad.

Lately we witness mass production, on the border of overproduction, which has found a safe haven on the Internet. There we can observe the rise and multiplication of many closed and a less open groupings of authors (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). White noise seeks to transfer these clouds of sound in real space, here between us and enable direct experience, interaction between artists and audience, live moments of the ear and the eye.

AV archive October 2013

BELI ŠUM #1: Matej Ocepek live @ CENTRALNA POSTAJA

BELI ŠUM #2: Irena Tomažin & Lukatoyboy live @ CENTRALNA POSTAJA

BELI ŠUM #3: Maria Papadomanolaki & Brane Zorman live @ CENTRALNA POSTAJA

BELI ŠUM #4: Kikiriki & Mono Scarves live @CENTRALNA POSTAJA