Institute uho; oko:


The Institute was established in 2009 and consists of a team of individuals of different ages, profiles, experience, ideas and knowledge in various fields.

It combines various aspects of new ICTs and enables the implementation of a truly multi-faceted multimedia projects. With the design of innovative technical solutions and implementation of art projects in the field of digital culture and ICT integration of various new media practices the Institute creates a new creative platform of artists, public and private institutions, foundations, associations, academia and the IT industry in the local region, total area of Slovenia and abroad.

The activity of the Institute is divided into several different modules / programs / projects. Main production unit in 2012 was certainly the central station. The project was developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Maribor (owner of the premises), the Institute Maribor 2012 (part-financing of the project) and the Institute uho; oko: Maribor.